Ladies Only: Five huntresses, Two Moose Dogs, a Photographer and Heaps of Adventure

December 19 2018

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Ladies Only: Five huntresses, Two Moose Dogs, a Photographer and Heaps of Adventure

For this trip, the ladies and I have assembled together for an action packed hunting adventure in Jämtland, Sweden, where we have reserved our very own camp for three days in October.

On the fist day, we enjoy a delicious breakfast by the fireside protected from the wind. Soon, our group busies themselves testing out the rifles and binoculars they have borrowed from their hostess. We’re all curious to see how the new Z8i 0.75-6x20 riflescope from Swarovski Optik performs in the field!


After checking the gear, we cook lunch outdoors and get all the necessary instructions for the hunt. Hector, our moose dog specialist, will play a key role in tracking down prey. The habitat here is a mix of forest and open country with some moors. A few areas in particular within the forest are breathtakingly beautiful and as we walk, the smell of spruce and the fresh air are invigorating. Doubtless there are moose in these woods, so we’ve just got to find them!


It doesn’t take long for the action to start: A moose is quickly in our sights and in no time a single cow is lying on the forest floor. We couldn’t have asked for a better start on our first day.


During a hunt, so many things race through a hunter’s mind: safety, knowledge, getting into the right position and finally, that jolt of adrenaline when the moment finally arrives. The equipment is key, and so too is the interplay of myriad factors that come together for the right shot.

On our second day in the field, we get the feeling that we’re not alone in the woods. Our suspicions are confirmed when we notice some very large bear tracks on the gravel road. One of the girls even hears a close rustling sound as a bear passes by. We decide to call off the hunt, call in the dog, and return back to the cottage. We round off the evening with a sauna and an excellent evening meal of moose fillet, cooked outdoors over the open fire. No sooner have we finished our dinner than the group is sound asleep to the crackling of the fireplace that fits so harmoniously to the cottage ambiance.

We awake to a new day of hunting, renewed possibilities and fresh expectations. The beautiful sunrise is magical and the fog sweeps in from the lake. Our guests from Norway and Iceland are entranced by the beautiful Swedish landscape of Jämtland and naturally they are keen to shoot more moose!


With due care and diligence, hard work and patience, we soon succeed in catching the trail of another moose. In position thanks to the hard work of our trusty dog and using GPS, the moose is felled at a distance of just 30 metres with a single shot! What a testament to the hunter’s skill in combination with outstanding equipment.


With several moose in just three days, the ladies have shown off what they’re truly capable of.


About the Author

My name is Ulrika Karlsson-Arne and I am a female hunter from Sweden. I do the majority of my hunting in my native Sweden but I also enjoy travelling the world. I truly love inspiring others to spend more time outdoors discovering the forest and wildlife. The ability to put food on my plate is an added bonus! For me, hunting is about tradition and history: it’s in our DNA. My favourite types of hunting are stalking red deer and fox calling, but I also love hunting moose in remote Northern Sweden. Instagram @swedishvenatrix


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