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How to prepare properly for your birding adventure

Seasoned birders know how to prepare themselves for their activities in the field. However, we would like to make a number of recommendations that many of you will still not be familiar with and that some of you will definitely find useful. You will find below a selection of these helpful tips.

  1. Print out your bird list. You can get a list of birds from many festivals, environmental and other organizations. If these lists are available online, your best option is to print them out. You can also take a look beforehand at the bird species you’re expecting to see at the relevant location. 

  2. Dress sensibly. It’s much more important that the clothing you wear is warm, comfortable, and can protect you from the rain, than it is to make a fashion statement.

  3. Take sun screen with you. Even if your trip is not taking place at the height of summer, you should definitely have sun cream with you. If you are constantly in the open while birding, you are definitely recommended to have some form of sun screen.

  4. Don’t forget the essentials. It’s easy to overlook the basic equipment you need. Write yourself a to-do list and remember, above all, to bring your binoculars, bird identification book, chargers for electronic devices, a jacket, warm socks, and rain gear.

  5. Pay attention to the weather forecast. Even if you should take the 10-day forecast with a pinch of salt, it won’t do any harm for you to keep an eye on the forecast before your trip. This will also allow you to assess the local weather situation better and know which items of clothing you need and which you can safely leave at home.

  6. Buy a birdwatching bag. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer a backpack or shoulder bag, you should always bring a suitable bag with you to keep your drinks, spare clothing, identification books, and snacks in.

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