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Protect what you love

July 01 2020



It’s not only the revolutionary NL Pure binoculars that are “one with nature.” The same applies to the soap & brush kit supplied for cleaning the housing.




Protect what you love

“For the love of nature” – this is the essence of SWAROVSKI OPTIK, and it guides all our thoughts and actions. But how can we make our products, manufacturing processes, and accessories even more environmentally friendly?


Cleaning in harmony with nature

One example of this is the brand-new soap & brush kit for cleaning the housing. It contains a palm oil-free, totally plant-based soap made with coconut oil and olive oil, enriched with luxurious shea butter and with no colorants or fragrances.

It is biodegradable and free of preservatives, microplastics, and nanoparticles and – just like the NL Pure – made in Austria. The set is completed by a German-made brush with a beech wood handle.



A lifetime of pleasure

We believe that our tough, durable products can and should be able to withstand anything and everything. But if you enjoy using your binoculars on a frequent basis, it’s a good idea to clean them regularly. All it takes is a brush and running water to rinse off the soap’s fine lather.


Recycling is the watchword

Sustainability has also been our focus when designing the NL Pure bag:

Main material 100% rPET

Lining 100% rPET

Webbing 100% recycled



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