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Perspectives for youth – apprenticeship training at SWAROVSKI OPTIK since 1949

August 12 2020

In 1999, the United Nations initiated the "International Youth Day" to highlight the importance of young people and raise awareness for cultural and legal issues surrounding youth.


A spotlight on the next generation!

1.2 billion people worldwide are between 15 and 24 years old, which is 16 percent of the world's population. Accordingly, the future of the Earth will depend to a large extent on the prospects and opportunities these young people have.



Apprenticeship training

We at SWAROVSKI OPTIK were and are aware of the great responsibility we have towards the next generation. This is why we have been training apprentices in our own training workshops here in Absam since the company was founded in 1949 in the fields of cutting technology, precision optics and, starting in 2019, automation and process control technology. In 2020, 24 young people will be completing their apprenticeship with us. During the last 70+ years, 347 apprentices have been able to start their careers after a solid training.

The apprenticeship starts at the age of 15 and lasts 3.5 years. We are very happy to be able to offer all those who successfully complete their training at SWAROVSKI OPTIK a permanent job with us, allowing us to build on the knowledge, experience, talent, and skills they have acquired.

Our new apprentices will start their training in September and we would like to extend a warm welcome to them.




Further training

The values we live by also underline the importance of further training. Devoted to “lifelong learning”, SWAROVSKI OPTIK offers ongoing internal training and further training on special or general topics relating to personality development, leadership and conflict management skills, as well as communication skills.


Transfer of expertise

Many of our employees have been with SWAROVSKI OPTIK for a very long time, while others are just starting out. This intergenerational cooperation combines impulses from new colleagues with the experience of many years: this ensures a smooth succession and a comprehensive transfer of expertise.

Find out from two colleagues at SWAROVSKI OPTIK how we tackle generational challenges in the company.


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