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June 06 2020

All in all, we are pleased that we have weathered the health policy challenges of recent weeks and months well. Even if the curfews and store closures have an impact on sales, the outlines of a joyful future are already visible on the horizon for our hawk.




We will continue to bring the beauty of nature closer to the people, although some may only have been able to go for a stroll in their own garden or look out of their windows during the last couple of weeks. And yet these moments enrich our lives.



The head of our HR department put her thoughts on paper as follows:


"Now here - on my balcony - in quarantine because a virus makes the world stop... I am sitting - forced not to run in the hamster wheel, but to deal with myself and with nature.

As if nature wanted to tell me something, I suddenly hear the leaves of the trees rustling... a sound I haven't heard in a long time... maybe the last time as a child... I see the sunbeam making its way through the trees.

An incredibly beautiful picture. Not long ago, I took such details for granted... Or worse than that, I didn't perceive them at all. I wasn't living in the moment, I was living like... was I living at all?

Is that the message nature is trying to tell us? Look, I'm here. Let me be, look at me and live with me?

I perceive movement between the trees... I can't make out what it is. I take my grandfather's binoculars, which were lying on my lap until now, and try to capture the movement with the binoculars.

I see a small black bird with a yellow beak. It sits on a branch, cheekily... it looks at me as if it could see me... with me sitting at least 30 meters away from it... The blackbird doesn't move, it is waiting...

A blackbird, like thousands of others I have seen before... but now with binoculars - such details unveil themselves... like never before... I see the "unseen"... the shining of the feathers, yellow edges around the black eyes, the slight brown at the transition from feather to feather... never ever have I seen such detail, never before have lived like this. “




Power and inspiration

The pleasure of observing nature lets us humans draw strength and inspiration from these ever so fleeting yet unforgettable moments. The daisy by the wayside, just like the warbling robin or the busy blackbird outside the window, reminds us what a gift living nature is.




We would like to let you know why farsightedness is worthwhile, what great sign of solidarity our staff has set and what we were able to learn from the COVID 19 challenges. Our CEO, Carina Schiestl-Swarovski, shares her thoughts with us.

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